Windows 10 Partner Readiness

Windows 10 delivers better learning outcomes, enterprise grade security, and is easier to deploy and manage than ever before. With the availability of affordable Windows devices starting below US$200, customers get the full functionality of a PC and the flexibility of the Microsoft education ecosystem at a price that’s competitive with less capable competitors.

Access the top resources, talking points, demo's, presentations and templates in one zip file or as individual resources shown below. Learn the Windows 10 value and benefits and share them with your customers!

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The individual resources are categorized according to the stages of the sales cycle, from essential information that we highly recommend you review, to more in depth technical information.

Get Started with the Essentials
Sales readiness and enablement

A deep look at the features that enable better learning outcomes and make Windows 10 the best Windows for education. Includes the latest features that are released in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
A holistic look at Microsoft’s education platform and how products work together to deliver better learning outcomes.
Use this script to guide you through a sales conversation.
Teach yourself or your customers how to use the Set up School PCs app to quickly set up computers for students. A computer set up using the app is tailored to provide students with the tools they need for learning while removing apps and features that they don’t need.
Show your customers how they can easily configure Take a Test to meet their testing needs. For high-stakes tests, the app creates a browser-based, locked-down environment for more secure online assessments.
Learn how to demo the Set up School’s PC app to your customers.
Learn how to demo Take a Test so that your customers can meet their testing needs.


Use this when speaking to customers as a reference; it can also be used as a leave behind.
A leave behind flyer that gives customers a quick overview of the Microsoft education ecosystem to help influence their purchasing decision.

Institutions can offer Windows 10 Education, Microsoft Intune, and Office 365 Professional Plus to all their students at no extra cost if purchased for faculty and staff. Learn how you can position the benefit to your customers to help land the deal.

Learn how to use The Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (WICD) tool to streamline the customizing and provisioning of a Windows image.

Additional Resources
Sales enablement and readiness

Quick overview of the Windows education value proposition, objection handling, momentum, and hero devices.
Use these videos to educate yourselves, and show your customers what features in Windows 10 make it the best Windows for education yet.

Use these videos to educate yourselves and to show your customers how Windows 10 delivers better learning outcomes in actual classroom scenarios.
A deep dive on how Windows 10 delivers better learning outcomes in the classroom.
One page on why to upgrade to Windows 10.
Build and adapt marketing materials for your own campaigns. Find reference copy for marketing materials and detailed information on specific features, scenarios and solutions.

Understand Microsoft School Enrollment Licensing offering and how to deploy and manage your software license.
Why choose open over school enrollment? This guide will allow you or your customers to answer those questions.
If you ever wondered what EES stands for and why you should get every one of your education customers onto it, then this guide is for you.
Wonder what we mean when we say Windows as a service (WaaS)? Read this to find out.
The Microsoft vision for volume licensing of Windows 10. Highly suggest you read the Staying Current with Windows 10 deck first.
Deployment and Management
Free e-book provides a practical high-level overview for IT professionals ready to begin deployment planning.
Technical resources to help you better understand Windows built-in security features and how to utilize them.
Technical resources that will teach you how to manage your Windows 10 environment.
Learn how to migrate a Google Chromebook based learning environment to Windows 10.