OneNote and SDS

OneNote is available as a part of Office 365. With OneNote, teachers and students save time, are more organized and collaborate better! Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS) is now generally available. 

Products Overview 

Create a OneNote Class Notebook yourself from an Office 365 Education or Business tenant. 

Download the new Class Notebook Add-in

Staff and teachers can similarly collaborate with OneNote Staff Notebook

OneNote Learning Tools. The Learning Tools for OneNote make it easier to read and write, including for gifted learners, students with learning differences or a combination of any of the broad range of unique student abilities. 

School Data Sync (SDS). It syncs user profiles and class rosters from Student Information System (SIS). It provisions groups and class websites, and allows learning apps to securely access student data. 

Get the OneNote featured apps using a Microsoft Account and support of Office 365 Account. 


The OneNote API allows you to integrate OneNote into other apps and services. 

The new OneNote Class Notebook API allows you to automate creation, rostering, and permissioning with Class Notebooks. 

Integrate Assignment and Grades with OneNote. 

Learn more at or mail the team directly. If you have any questions or want to exchange ideas, connect with us in the Yammer OneNote group. We are here to help you and can jump on a call to resolve any issues!

Get Started with the Essentials 

Sales readiness and enablement

Learn how to position OneNote with school administrators and educators.
Get the details to show how OneNote and OneNote Class Notebook impact teaching and learning; close deals more effectively.

In-depth comprehensive deck for Office 365 detailing OneNote in Education components and experiences.
An overview of how educators can use OneNote to complement students' learning styles in the classroom.

Free online and interactive training to foster and manage educator collaboration for the entire school or district.
Interactive guide to learn how to install and configure the free OneNote Class Notebook Creator app for your school.

Education Developer and ISV Resources 

OneNote / OneNote Class Notebook

Get your LMS (Learning Management System) ready for use with Class Notebooks via the open LTI Standard.
Automate OneNote Class Notebook creation and roster changes with new APIs. New enhancements recently shipped as well.
MSDN Resources to get started with the Class Noteobok API.
Access APIs, documentation, code samples, Channel 9 videos.
The free Office 365 Class Notebook app that integrates with many LMS’s.
Download the Class Notebook Add-in.
Microsoft Classroom and School Data Sync (SDS)

Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS) is now generally available. Dozens of third party products and system integrator vendors are successfully integrating with SDS and momentum is real, with hundreds of schools and districts and over 2 million users synced worldwide.

Do you have a customer that would be a good candidate for School Data Sync but needs help deploying? For a limited time, we are offering free deployment support. We are here to help!

Read the recent announcement about the general availability of School Data Sync.
See the School Data Sync Demo for a brief overview and demo of SDS.
Review the API documentation to enrich your apps with roster data from Office 365.
Develop and test your application by downloading the sample code and documentation.
Engage customers and build your Office 365 skills in helping them deploy SDS. Fill out the School Data Sync Partner Opportunity form.
Fill out this form and our deployment team will be in touch to help you and your customer get SDS deployed. For a limited time only.

Additional Resources 

Customer Training, Best practices and Samples Notebooks

Watch these videos to learn OneNote basics and common scenarios.
Download this kit to access teacher’s best practices.
Real examples from teachers, students, schools.
Sign in to get the sample Class Notebook.
Sign in to get the sample Staff Notebook.
Training - OneNote Class Notebook Creator

Watch this two-minute video with stories from teachers and IT Administrators.
Interactive training on how to collaborate in the classroom.
The OneNote Class Notebook Creator helps teachers set up a shared notebook for a class.
OneNote demos to help you close deals faster

Learn from this seven-minute demo OneNote’s high level features and capabilities.
Watch this five-minute video showing how to demo specific features.
Short demo to show ease of set up of Class Notebooks.
Short demo to show ease of set up of Staff Notebooks.
More feature demos for you to master, such as flexible space surface, search and more.
A seven-minute video to demo how inking, tablet, and Surface can improve teaching and learning outcome.
A demo for schools on how OneNote can still be a powerful tool in a lab or laptop cart environment.
OneNote in Education - YouTube channel

Watch how a French researcher designed a locked down tablet and OneNote to be the ultimate tool for children with dyslexia.
Learning Tools help increase student reading speeds.
Empowering education through problem-based learning and OneNote Class Notebooks.
Watch the impact of deploying over 50,000 new devices in classrooms, and 11,000 interactive boards at Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
New Jersey school district discovers the ultimate collaboration tools with Surface and Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook.
A great teacher testimonial on OneNote.
Take a look at how the teachers at Cary Academy in North Carolina, seamlessly integrate OneNote into their classrooms to elevate the education of students.
See how OneNote has helped students at Cary Academy, NC, take notes, organize, and submit their homework easily.
OneNote helps Cary Academy, NC, take learning to the next level by facilitating collaboration between teachers and students!
Check out how this teacher utilizes Surface devices in her classroom and her first grade students use OneNote and the Learning Tools plug-in.
See how this teacher is getting the most out of her device and OneNote with her first graders.