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Office 365 Education Partner Readiness

Office 365 Education offers academic institutions free email, instant messaging, group video and voice chat, online document viewing and editing and a lot more. Tens of millions of customers looking for an alternative to Google Apps for Education, have already adopted Office 365. Start selling and building your solutions today.

Welcome to the Value Discovery Workshop NEW&nbsp

Discover how Office can transform education; create workshops for your customers, and manage your customers in an easy to use dashboard. Follow these steps to start.

  1. Sign into the Value Discovery Workshop with your Partner credentials.
  2. Go to the Value Discovery Workshop which allows you to find improvement opportunities, identify Office 365 capabilities, and automatically generate customized workshop content.
  3. Access the dashboard to manage your customers and launch new activities. Simply select a customer from your dashboard to view your activity history or select New Customer to get started.

Office 365 Education versions

View Office 365 Education E5 licensing information.

Office 365 Education E1 was rebranded as Office 365 Education. Office 365 Education E3 and E4 are available to existing customers only (renewal, anniversary and additional orders).

Get Started with the Essentials

Back to School 2016/2017

Microsoft Classroom, School Data Sync and OneNote Class Notebook updates.
New features for Back to School 2016/2017.
Only available for Education customers in Office 365 education E5.
For IT Admin - Sign up to preview and onboarding.
How to add Microsoft Classroom Preview to your Office 365 Education subscription.
Sales enablement and readiness

Office 365 Education E5 has been available as of May 1, 2016.
Choose ‘Education’ filter to follow the roadmap.

In-depth licensing information on Office 365 Education E5.

Discover new experiences for teachers and students in Office 365 Education.
Learn about teacher-inspired updates for Windows, Office, ‘Minecraft’.
Discover the new Education Tools from Windows 10.
Learn about new student-focused, teacher-inspired tools for Windows 10 and Office 365.
Watch what’s new in Office 365 Education, including Microsoft Classroom and School Data Sync.

Additional Resources


ATP is an email filtering service providing additional protection against specific types of advanced threats.
A short deck with technical details.
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Office 365 in OVS-ES volume licensing update deck.
Office 365 Education Update Level 300 – October 2015.
Office 365 E3 E4 EXP2 OVS-ES Promotional Code – October 2015.
Office 365 E3 E4 Exchange Online Price EES School – September 2015.

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