Education Solutions Selling

Education Solutions Selling Find highly curated content designed to enable solution selling and richer customer conversations in Education. We prioritized five solutions for you to help you quickly find the best offer for your Education customers in alignment with Microsoft's strategic initiatives.
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Education Scenarios and Solutions

Individual Asset Type

Teaching and Learning

Microsoft offers immersive and inclusive technologies and programs that support all educators and students to achieve more and be ready for the workforce.
Classroom Experience
  • Imagine Academy for Employability

Teaching and Learning Solution .zip file
Student Lifecycle and Success Management

Microsoft helps solve critical education challenges with enterprise-level IT solutions that help schools leverage student information, including: education analytics and institutional performance.
Predictive Analytics for Education
  • Student Lifecycle Management
  • Drop Out Prevention Admissions Analytics

Student Lifecycle and Success Management Solution .zip file
Hybrid Cloud IT Management

With Microsoft’s hybrid cloud solutions, schools can effectively and efficiently improve IT management and security while supporting both teachers and students.
Hybrid Cloud Learning Platforms

Hybrid Cloud IT Management Solution .zip file
Connected Campus and School Experiences Microsoft empowers schools to make improvements to the business of managing schools, including managing infrastructure and services, through actionable data. Improve the efficiency of your school or campus with Microsoft’s data platform and partner solutions.
Facilities Management & Energy Efficiency
  • Physical Safety & Security
  • Access & Payments
  • Financial Management

Connected Campus and School Experiences Solution .zip file
Academic Research Advancements in technology are transforming the way we conduct academic and scientific research, and Microsoft delivers the cloud and data platform that accelerates the speed of scientific discovery.
High Performance Computing (HPC) On-Demand
  • Collaborative Research
  • Advanced Analytics & Data Science

Academic Research Solution .zip file